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Flagonistas, borderliners and interventionists: This is the last communiqué you’ll receive through this channel. Enough planning. Let’s do.

This weekend, several of us will start a critical-creative public process without knowing where exactly will it take us, this think-doing experiment. We hope it leads to more pleasing times and moments.

We also hope to meet you on the streets, and wave flags together. We have tasted it. It feels great.

And we desperately need to find new ways to have pleasure.

“Tierra y Libertad” has proven to be a complex slogan. It means nothing. Not here, not now. It appears to have shrunk down to “Plot and Job” for those who have little, and “Real Estate and Investment” for those who have more.

But it also works as a radical magnet, a strange attractor that induces attempts to act and articulate, which we will try to intensify. Let it be said that we haven’t been able to find words that mean “Libertad” in indigenous languages. Maybe they didn’t even need it.

As a radical magnet, Tierra y Libertad, and the naked act of making flags and waving them on the street, has brought forth coincidences. It has brought together facts, ideas, people, practices, pasts and futures, fears and desires. Maybe that’s what we are doing.

Let’s intensify the coincidences, then.

Onward through signs and machines!

See you on the streets!

“Tierra y Libertad”

Magonista Committee.

Californias Commune, 2016.

PD 1.

This weekend:

Saturday 7: Tierra de Utopías. Historical Walk. Garita Tijuana-San Ysidro, 4:30 pm.

Sunday 8: ¡Flags up!

Monday 7: Ché cafe. UCSD, 4:30.

PD. 2. Please gather unused blankets and pillows for next weekend’s act: “ALL OF US SLEEP TONIGHT”.

PD. Let’s meet at FB: Tierra & Libertad, and


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