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Comrades! Our hour is approaching.

Last minute details are piling up on us. It is time to make flags. We are all busy; we understand.  The point is to do this without going crazy. Or maybe going crazy, but in all the right ways.

We are still harvesting historical curiosities, sharp quotes from radical speeches, unsuspected co-conspirators, strategic alliances, unsuspected logistics and feverish dreams. The unexpected waits for us in every corner.

We do have a blog:

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Meanwhile, our propagandistic efforts intensify:

Next Friday 22 at 4 pm we will present our interventions program to UABC’s community at the Sala de usos Múltiples of the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas. Jhonnatan Curiel, Alfredo Gonzáles Reynoso, Troy Araiza Konikkis, Grant Leunig and Pepe Rojo will try their best to appear sophisticated, intelligent and actually fluent in terms of our project.

This Saturday 23, beginning at 10:15, Grant Leunig and Pepe Rojo will try the same thing at SDSU (PSFA building), during BINACOM.

That same Saturday, in TJ and starting at 4, we will be making flags at comrade Pepe’s house. Even though we will have fabric enough for a lot of flags, we will probably fall short on tools. So bring whatever you need to make flags: scissors, glue, glueguns, staplers, sewing machines, thread, needles, paint, x-ray plaques. We need plaques!. We also need to talk, and organize.,+Santa+Cecilia,+22194+Tijuana,+B.C./@32.4963133,-116.9914647,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x80d937f993193999:0x2a3e92505e7dd5ef

This is so on.

Onward, backward and sideways through signs and machines!

“Tierra y Libertad” Magonista Committe

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