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INTERVENTIONS PROGRAM (subjected to change)

This is a first draft, to be polished by all of us. Even though some of the proposed interventions are ludic or symbolic, we want to contact organizations already on the track, so we can make some things last beyond our puffs of smoke.

We need people to sign themselves as either volunteers or organizers of each event. Please tell us which days you would be interested in bottom-lining!

Some of the following events work only under the supposition of an imaginary Magonista government (or anti-government).


Saturday, April 9. First Official Magonista Committee Meeting (in Tijuana: place to be determined). It would be great to gather people from both sides of the border.

April and May: Public invitation to raise flags. Flyers and networks.

Saturday April 23: Flag making party (Tijuana, location to be determined).

Sunday May 1 (MAY DAY): Flag making gathering ( Lemon Grove, 2PM)



Saturday May 7: We’ll visit the major historical points of the occupation of Tijuana commemorating those places. Speeches. Can we dance?

SUNDAY May 8: 

FLAGS UP! Everywhere: hang flags, on your neighbors houses, your aunt´s and exboygirlfriend’s in your car in your mirror on empty lots, on buildings, way back home, on a wall on a cable a window your backpack your ear and the roof

(red background white letters: you know better)

Saturday May 14:

EL CANAL. We were going to feed the homeless at El Canal in Tijuana and paint some flags there; but we have been informed they have been evicted and are kept away from it. Where to take food to people who need it, on the street? Around the Cathedral? A lot of homeless people are always there. Speeches and readings. Coordinate with Food Not Bombs/Comida No Bombas.

Saturday May 21:

EL CENTRO. We’ll be handing out blankets and pillows to people sleeping on the streets of Tijuana. Maybe we’ll have a choreography on the streets. Speeches and readings. Maybe do a barter event?

Saturday May 28:

LA GRÁFICA. Show and handing out of flyers and posters. Should we have an open call for this? El hijo del Ahuizote is a huge reference for the Mexican press. We’ll print the best ones using a Rizzolli printer. Pure traditional and awesome looking propaganda. Any other ideas about this Saturday? Handing out posters and graphics could be part of all events.

Saturday June 4:

SEEDS: We would love to do something that involves planting this weekend. Maybe seed bombs. Maybe guerrilla gardening. Invading empty lots. Something. La “Tierra es de quien la trabaja”. “Land belongs to those who work on it”. So we should.

We could also plant “stones” and make a huge rock sign on the side of a hill, like the Jesus sign that adorns the Cerro Colorado. Anyone knows any land owner that would allow us to do this? Maybe on the highway to Tecate? It would be great to have rock signs on both sides of the border.

Saturday June 11:

FLYING FLAGS: Yes, literally, flying flags. One of our options is to get drones to fly flags around the city, which we could do with generation 2 drones but they are really unstable. I f we could get some 3rd. generation drones, well that would be awesome. It would also be great if the drones crossed borders. Anyone care to make some test runs on this? We may get some generation 2 ones for testing.

Our other option is building a red hot air balloon that has “Tierra y libertad” written on it, and allow the gods of the winds to decide if it will or will not cross border. But it seems that the balloon is a very complicated idea. ¿Kites? Anyones knows how to build a really big one (or several smaller ones)? Suggestions, please!

Saturday June 18: This is the day we take our flags down, meet downtown and take a public square (where!) to make things happen and talk to people, make a how and hand out info: how to grow your own food, how to make a fanzine, how to auto-organize, whatever we want, right!). And then, we head down to the:

MAGONISTA PARTY: The line-up’s looking hot. Choreography included. Any non-musical ideas? Video projections? Performances? We’re open to proposals. Paty Torres-Maciel will boss us around this thingy.

That’s what we have right now. There are still several questions regarding impact and logistics, but it’s part of the process, which we need to polish and sharpen.


Onward through signs and machines!

TIERRA Y LIBERTAD Magonista Committee

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