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2do comunicado

Borderliners, interventionists and associates:

Raising flags with “Tierra y Libertad” signs seems to be so exciting people will be doing it on San Diego, Chula Vista, los Angeles, Philadelphia and Mexico City, besides Tijuana. Mexicali is a must: Any contacts there?

As the Project has an anarcho-socialist tint, we’re writing a program with weekly events all Saturdays from May 7 to June 18, but do not stop with the program and, if you wish to do something else, please do. We’ll support you as much as we can. We may not have any money, but we do have friends.

So, we’ll circulate a sketch of the program this week, so you can tell us what you think and what would you like to be involved in (if you wish to, of course). It would be hunky dory if some of you volunteered to organize the events. Tell us please, or don’t.

However, the main goal of this Project is to raise as many flags as posible. So we’ll throw a couple of Flag Parties to produce as many as we can. Anyone interested in making a magonista tutorial for the making and rising of Flags? A  video would be nice…

Someone wants to do graphics? We do need help.

We promised, on our last Communiqué, to send a text explaining several really interesting (and kind of weird) things that happened around the occupation of the village of Tijuana on 1911. It is being produced. So is our move to Facebook. And the database of those involved with this Project. Patience, please! We’re writing this on a Sunday night.

One of the thoughts flying around our heads hast to do with how to foster discussion and how to nuance the flag-raising moment. Any ideas?

Onward through signs and machines!

Magonista Committee “Tierra y Libertad”

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