First Informal Communiqué

Posted By on March 30, 2016

Comunicado 1

Hi, everyone.

We would love you to join us raising flags.

Background: In 1911, from May 9 to June 22, an anarcho/communist army organized from distant LA by Ricardo Flores Magón occupied Tijuana and raised a “Tierra y Libertad” flag, white words over a red background (the motto would later be taken by Emiliano Zapata in the south).

So, just to commemorate the possibility that Tijuana could have been a central part of the first anarcommunist state in the whole wide history of this world, we will be raising “Tierra and libertad” flags all over Tijuana and surrounding cities during those same dates.

Of course, we will be having a Magonista Party, and we are aiming to have it Saturday June 18th someplace in la Sexta (which also carries Flores Magón’s name). No revolution without parties.

So, plans are still starting to emerge. Our central act will be the making and raising of flags, but there are several other things that will probably happen. Maybe stories in an alternate universe where the Magonistas won, official acts and plaques celebrating the historical landmarks, street choreographies: we’re welcome to any suggestions for this DIY transnational intervention. Please, feel free to jump in and spread the word. We need as many flags as we can.

Jhonnatan Curiel and Paty Torres-Maciel are helping us in TJ, and we will probably be having meetings soon and opening a Facebook group to organize this whole damn thing. A similar mail has been forwarded, in Spanish, to possible Tijuanan colllaborators.

Thanks and let’s do this,

“Tierra y Libertad” Magonista Committee


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